Custom Shutter Styles in Atlanta

Let Castleberry Shutters be your source for specialty shutters. Our company does all kinds of custom shutter styles, and we can create anything you need in our Atlanta, GA, factory. Our experienced team is up to the challenge of making anything you can dream up, and they have done some truly amazing work for clients who were looking for something unique. Whether you are trying to get a non-custom size or you have an oddly shaped opening, we can make something that will look terrific for your space. We can make shutters for any window and shutters for any door.

We can accommodate:

  • Arches – Whether you have a high, pointed arch or a gradual bend at the top of your window, we can build shutters to match.
  • Portholes – Let us create some porthole-shaped shutters to compliment your circular-styled window opening. We can handle all sizes.
  • Octagons – Eight-sided windows are no problem for us! We’re happy to craft shutters for your octagonal window to help control the light coming into your space.
  • Ovals – Let us make a graceful shutter that will complement your oval-shaped window opening. We can do all kinds of elliptical shapes for your convenience.
  • Notches – Notched windows require specialty shutters. Let us measure and match the space requirements you have for a seamless fit.
  • Knobs – We can outfit your shutters with all different kinds of knob designs. Ask to see our selection; we have something for every taste.
  • Cut-outs – If you’d like a cut-out design in your shutter, we can make that happen. Consult with us on the specific sizes you need and we’ll create that look to perfection.

We have made specialty shutters for homeowners and businesses, and we can also do them in bulk if you need a number of the same size made. You should know that our dedication to quality never wavers, even on larger orders. We make sure you get an excellent product every time. You won’t find that type of attention to detail just anywhere these days. And you can take comfort in the fact that your product was hand crafted right here in the USA!

Making specialty shutters

The first step in any custom order of this kind is to get an idea of what you’re looking to do with the window, door, or other opening. Are you trying to filter light or block out the sun as much as possible? It’s helpful to understand the functional aspect of what you are trying to do with the shutter, so we can add that element into the design. We are able to create shutters for any opening.

We’ll also want to get measurements to make sure the shutter we make will fit perfectly into the space you need filled. If you like, we can talk with you about how to make sure those numbers are dialed in properly for the right fit. We install custom sizes all the time, and know what it takes to get things perfect.

Additional details

Besides the fit of your shutters, we’ll also need to know additional details, such as the color and style you’d like. We can discuss plantation shutters, or something that is fixed, depending on what your requirements are for the look and function. If you are going to stain the shutters, we can use high-quality poplar that is stain grade for your order. If you prefer them painted, we can match pretty much any color in the rainbow. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to the shades we have available!

Finally, we’ll want to know if there are any other custom features that may impact the design process on our end. For example, if you are using a particular type of latch, it may impact the design of the shutter frame. Or, if you’d like us to do a different color on each side, it’s best we dial that in prior to getting started.

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