Residential and Commercial Blinds

Window coverings are not only important for the overall design of an indoor space, but they can contribute to the energy use, lighting, and versatility of any room. In both residential and commercial environments, it is important to make the right selections for window coverings that will control how much sunlight enters each room while setting the tone for the interior design. With blinds from Castleberry Shutters, you can outfit your Georgia home, office, or industrial space with the right blinds for any window backed by local craftsmanship and 50 years of great customer service.

Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Space

There are several key considerations that you should explore before settling on blinds for your home or commercial building. With options including wood, faux and woven wood, and aluminum, you can capture the exact look and function you will want after thinking about the following important factors:

  • Aesthetics – Naturally, you will want to think about your personal style as you pick out blinds, which will be a key design feature in the room. Wood and faux wood can offer warmth with a traditional feel, while woven wood can create a unique look that adds texture with a modern appeal. Color is also an important consideration, and there are many unique color choices to explore with any blind material.
  • Budget – Determining a budget will be essential for any homeowner or property manager seeking new window coverings. Our blinds are available with options for any budget, as there are choices to provide similar aesthetics in different price ranges. Plaswood blinds, for example, can be a much more affordable substitute for wood blinds with a comparable design appeal. We also ensure optimal value for every one of our clients with free quotes and professional installation.
  • Durability – Outfitting a rental property or industrial space with blinds will put durability at the top of the list in terms of product quality standards. Aluminum blinds can be one of the most long-lasting and low-maintenance choices, which are able to cover windows of all sizes, including large and irregular windows within industrial complexes and office buildings.

Exploring Your Locally Crafted Window Covering Options in Georgia

At Castleberry Shutters in Macon and Atlanta, we strive to present every client with the best window coverings for his or her needs while boosting local manufacturing for consistent quality. We offer lifetime guarantees on our products, which include a large selection of custom blinds for added control over sunlight in every room.

All of our blinds and shades are made locally in the state of Georgia. We partner with Graber, Cako, and AHD.

The three types of blinds we offer:

Wood blinds are constructed from quality hardwoods that provide a natural choice for your home. We offer a variety of colors to fit your design needs and bring the warmth of real wood to your home.

Custom Wood Blinds Johns Creek

Faux wood blinds offer a more economical choice for your home. We are able to offer a reduced cost without compromising quality by using innovative materials. Faux wood blinds are also known as Plaswood (Plastic & Wood). They promise to live up to our Castleberry standards!

Faux Wood Blinds Johns Creek

Aluminum blinds come in an extensive variety of colors and can be customized to fit any space. Aluminum blinds are an excellent choice for large windows.

Aluminum Blinds for Large Windows Johns Creek

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*We ask a minimum of 10 windows for ANY blind orders.

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